About Us

Okcuerler Tekstil was established in 1999.

Our company has produced the first recyclable promotional textile products. We also took place in national and international marketing. We moved and focus to nitrile gloves since 2008. As we expanded our business, our company moved to Aksaray Organised Industrial Zone and now we produce gloves in 7500m2 in a closed space area . Our current glove production capacity has reached 1 million pairs which makes up to 12 million pairs of nitrile gloves a year.

Our company focuses on the main production group of “nitrile covered work gloves” , which is a group of rubber impregnated, plastered, or otherwise known as plated gloves, a subgroup of Personal Protective Equipment. Our production has a standard of EN 388 with a Turkish Patent Institute registered trademark known as “My Star” as well as a certificate of quality from France (CTS) and Turkey (CE).

We adopt a focus of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction oriented production.Tübitak Kobi R & D Support Program under the numbered 7110513 Product and Manufacturing Process Development and under the Ahiler Development Agency Sectoral Competitiveness Financial Support Program Improving Production Processes with Improving Production Technology, Production capacity and Increasing Efficiency.Our company has successfully completed such projects.All of this projects emphasize the sensitivity of our company on R & D, innovation and quality.