Our Working Principle!

Our Working Principle! As Okçuerler Tekstil, we have been attentive not to be involved in all the negative, anomalous and unethical behaviors brought by tradership.

We tried to maintain our traditional missionary stance. The costs that this stance has imposed on us; With the awareness of solidarity based on selfless love of our employees and the support of our valued customers, we aim to maintain the same quality of service we provide.

While doing all this; instead of blindly following the current values, we have adopted the basic principle of researching, obtaining information and sharing.

We would like you, our valued customers, who show the delicacy of working with us, to be aware of the fact that there will be no fake quality, standard and approval certificates that can be done with today's technological facilities; and to know that you can only reach the right product with the right supplier; we undertake that we will always be the "RIGHT SUPPLIER" for you.


We treasured time!
We work hard to send the products without delay.
and deliver them to the customer in the intended time. We make sure to optimize our time.


We adopted quality as a principle!
We have always exerted ourselves to the utmost and we continue to do so.


We sell our products under a return guarantee!
As we take care that the products we produce are of high quality, we provide unconditional return or exchange in case of any problems with our products.


   Contact Information

      +90 382 266 24 94

      +359 878 82 0778 - ✓ Viber

      +90 382 266 2006



   Production Point

Erenler OSB / 2.St / No:17 

Post Code: 68200 - Aksaray / Turkey

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   Our Bank Information

Halkbank           : TR44 0001 2001 2550 0010 0001 34

İş Bank              : TR43 0006 4000 0015 6200 7945 58

Ziraat Bank       : TR31 0001 0019 9545 3938 2450 05


Aksaray Tax Office Number: 637 006 0480

Mersis Number: 637 006 048 000 015

Trade Registry Number: 4844

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